collect2,000,000 CZK

the challenge100kmin one month

run / walk

Online solidarity run


From June 13th

support small

Shopsimpacted by the crisis


Welcome to our solidarity race Run4Prague! We tell you briefly what it is about, how it works, and which great cause it supports. Run4Prague is an online solidarity run supporting small shops and associations in Prague. We are aiming to collect 2,000,000 Kč (a bit more than 78,000€) to buy products of the shops involved in Run4Prague. From the food and non-food products bought, we will create baskets and we distribute it to a couple of Czech associations.


That was the concept, now let’s address the running part. Well, first of all, it is running and walking and, yes, you read it right, it is also a 100km challenge! From the moment you register, you have 1month to complete a maximum of 100km to show a maximum of support to small shops and associations.

Already with your shoes on? Wait a sec, we tell you more about our virtual road! We put at your disposal a virtual road in the shape of our fantastic logo! It covers the whole of Prague and the total of 100km. Every 4km, you unlock a checkpoint; it could be shops, associations, landmarks and parks.

It is your first virtual run? Let us tell you what you need to do. Tie your shoes, run/walk wherever you want for how long you prefer while using an application or watch enabling you to track your activity. Then, come to your account page, upload your evidence and the road will be automatically updated.

The Packages

*Separate tombola for all of the participants who finish the 100 km (win a watch worth 130€)

Bronze - 8€

(tombola prizes available : goodies and vouchers)

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Silver - 16€

(tombola prize available: win a trip to Prague or Paris worth 300€)

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Gold - 32€

(tombola prize available: win a trip to Prague or Paris worth 600€)

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Run4Prague supports small shops based in Prague! We are delighted to introduce you to them.


Farmstore are finding the best food products from France / Spain and bringing them to your door. In short, they take their truck, travel from Czech Republic to other countries to select a variety of fresh products and come back to Prague with it. Thanks to that, their clients can enjoy fresh fish, meat and many other things. Yves, Farmstore’s owner, was the first merchant we met for Run4Prague!

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Au Gourmand

Au Gourmand is a charming French patisserie, bakery and bistro for lunch in the historical center of Prague. They specialized in breakfast and traditional French cakes. Frederic, Au Gourmand’s owner, has been pushing us to deliver this project by giving us good contacts as well as a golden tip: “open all the doors”.

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Café Millème

Café Millème is a patisserie where you can find worldwide recipes. Combining quality with inspiration, each of their pastries is a journey towards sensational flavours! They can indeed use cashew nuts from Brazil, vanilla from Madagascar, chocolate from Mexico, matcha tea, yuzu lemons and sakura flowers from Japan, pandan from Thailand, guava from Cuba.

Café Millème’s owners, Daniel, Adina and Valexia, shared with us their love of pastries and amazing stories!

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Le Marché - Tučné a Zdravé

Le Marché - Tučné a Zdravé is a delicatessen shop that offers quality gastronomic products from all regions of France! They offer a wide range of farmer and regional products such as cheeses, wines, foie gras, oysters, sweet groceries and so on. Le Marché is an amazing 3 in 1 shop which gathers 3 importers: Dominique takes care of the wine and seafood, Gaël the cheeses and Thomas the charcuterie. "We discovered thanks to Dominique the poetry of natural wine!"

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Orel & Friends

Orel and Friends proposes a unique selection of Czech handcrafted gifts. This shop is a perfect place to find nice and original gifts or souvenirs as well as discovering the artists who made them. They have reached to reference objects coming from more than 40 craftsmen! We had the chance through Stephane, Orel and Friends Owner, to discover Czech handcrafts.

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Vino Delikatesy

Vino Delikatesy distributes wine in Czech Republic. From the very begining, they applied one concept: importing wine from winemakers not working in the Czech market, of a family size and looking for a real partner to promote their terroir. In total, they referenced more than 150 wines, imported from 7 countries! All with reasonable prices. Benjamin, the owner of Vino Delikatesy, matched directly with our project and also gave us many innovative ideas!

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